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Wayne and Angella Hollier (pronouced "O Yay") have brought specialty metal roofing to Louisiana. Based in Acadiana, Hollier's Specialty Roofing is a professional roofing company committed to premium products, premium service, and premium satisfaction...at the perfect price. We're a local company with a dedication to Louisiana and the roofing needs of our neighbors. Hollier's knows how the heavy Louisiana rain and wind can affect roof shingles, so let us install roofing for those Louisiana rainy days. We're especially on alert during hurricane season, so please don't hesitate to call.

Hollier's Specialty Roofing
Hollier's Specialty Roofing

Premium Service

Beyond the premium products that we sell, Hollier's Specialty Roofing goes on to deliver premium service through an educational, professional sales process, a 15-year workmanship guarantee on the installation of your new roof, and extraordinary after-care. We are dedicated to our customers from the moment you call. We want you to know that whenever you call Hollier's Specialty Roofing, you're getting customer care that no one else offers.

Premium Satisfaction

We are not going to make any exceptions to our commitment to your complete satisfaction. We are from Louisiana, live in Louisiana, and will stay in Louisiana. Unlike the drive-by roofers who are here today and gone tomorrow, we take pride in serving the people we love, in the area that we love. If you don't like something that we did, don't let it lie. Tell us immediately. This is your home. Don't settle for less.

Hollier's Specialty Roofing

We Believe in Backing Up a Handshake in Writing:

  • With every Free Estimates you will receive a full attic inspection as well
  • Every project estimate is detailed
  • Customer issues and concerns are documented and resolved
  • Certificate of 100% completion for every job
  • Detailed receipts of payment
  • Workmanship and Product warranties delivered in-person
Hollier's Specialty Roofing

Our People Care About Your People

We are all here to make sure that you have a great experience with and a great roof from Hollier's Specialty Roofing. Let us help you protect and beautify your Louisiana home. Protection from the rough weather around here is important. A sturdy roof can make the difference between needing to replace a few shingles and needing to replace carpeting, walls, ceiling tiles, cabinetry, and more. It's the one thing that can keep the interior of your house dry, so buy the best. Buy Hollier's.

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We serve the following areas...

  • Lafayette
  • Vermillion
  • Acadia
  • Evangeline
  • St. Landry
  • St. Martin
  • St. Mary
  • Iberia
  • Jefferson Davis
  • Calcasieu
  • Beaurgard
  • Allen
  • Ayoyelles
  • Vernon


Hollier's Specialty Roofing

Wayne & Angella

The Rayne natives, having over 40 years of combined experience in home remodeling, siding, and windows replacement, decided to open their home improvement business in Lafayette to deliver superior products with the absolute best installation along with optimum customer service from start to finish. Hollier's Home Improvement Company takes pride in its employees. Currently, on staff, we have one sales manager, two sales representatives, a secretary, and a production manager and an assistant production manager.

Hollier's Specialty Roofing

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Hollier's Specialty Roofing

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Hollier's Specialty Roofing

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Hollier's Specialty Roofing

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Hollier's Specialty Roofing

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Hollier's Specialty Roofing is proud to hold licenses to operate in the great state of Louisiana. We hold a great liability insurance policy that protects our customers and our employees alike. If you're looking for a licensed roofing contractor, Hollier's Specialty Roofing is the name you're looking for.

Hollier's Specialty Roofing

Louisiana State Certification

Certificate of Liability Insurance

Certificate Shingle Master Applicator

MRA Certificate of Membership

HRS Licenses

Gaco Certificates

HSR Certificates

Shingle Quality Specialist

Integrity Roof Systems